The Kerala Story Movie Review (2023) | Story and Budget

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The Kerala Story Movie Review - It is a controversial Hindi drama that explores the concept of "love jihad" and its alleged link to ISIS.

"The Kerala Story" is a Hindi-language movie directed by Sudipto Sen that explores the story of three young women who fall victim to ISIS. The film's plot follows Shalini, a Hindu nursing student from Kerala, who becomes a target of an Islamic group that brainwashes her into becoming an ISIS terrorist. The movie also touches upon the controversial concept of "Love Jihad," in which Muslim men pretend to love Hindu girls to convert them to Islam. The movie portrays the insidious network that recruits and exploits brainwashed and transformed women from Kerala to support terrorism, sending them to Syria to become sex slaves or suicide bombers.

The writing in the movie is exceptional, with a seamless weaving of different periods and characters. At the same time, the dialogues are natural and realistic. The movie explores the complexity of family relationships, making it relatable to audiences of all ages while highlighting the importance of family values. Sudipto Sen's direction brings the story to life on the big screen, and the cast delivers standout performances, with Adah Sharma, Sonia Balani, and Yogita Bihani delivering exceptional performances. The music is soul-stirring and complements the story. At the same time, the cinematography captures the beauty of Kerala in all its glory, with lush green landscapes and bustling streets.

Overall, "The Kerala Story" is a must-watch for any cinema lover, with its exceptional writing, direction, cast, music, and cinematography. The movie displays a deep sense of emotional vulnerability and portrays a significant societal issue that needs to be addressed. The movie's story is based on actual events, making it even more sorrowful and emotionally charged.

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